A showroom… in a workmanlike manner!

The new showroom of GommusGommus virtual showroom is online from today, an experience of emotions and culture that goes beyond the simple presentation of products.

Our new virtual showroom is already a reality and it brings with it a great added value: the possibility of visiting, always virtually, the most important museum and artistic reality of our city.

The scenery is the Civic and Mail Art Museum of Montecarotto, unique exhibition in Italy, which can now be admired online, through Gommus showroom.

The Museum, located within the evocative environment of the old cellars of the Municipal Theatre, collects several works of Mail Art, that is art designed to be conveyed by ordinary mail.

Every year, artists from all over the world send small works to Montecarotto, often as part of themed initiatives. The most recent case, for example, concerned female rebellion.

Always deeply tied to our territory, we have chosen such a peculiar location with the dual purpose of making it known to the world and offering Gommus soles a more than engaging context.

Then come and visit it, you will discover all our products and you can admire, at the same time, the most important collection of Mail Art in Italy.

To request an appointment and learn more about the collection, write to: andyt@gommus.it.

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