Environmental Labelling


Ref. Regulation

  • Legislative Decision No. 129/97/EC

General information

The legislation requires that all packaging is appropriately labelled in accordance with the procedures established by the applicable UNI technical standards and in compliance with the provisions adopted by the Commission of the European Union, to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of the same, as well as to give correct information to consumers on the final destinations of the packaging. Manufacturers are obliged to indicate, for the purposes of packaging identification and classification, the nature of the packaging materials used, on the basis of Decision 97/129/EC.

Packaging destined for B2B are not required to give information relating to the final destination of the packaging, but must compulsorily report the coding of the composition materials, in accordance with Decision 129/97/EC.

All other information is voluntarily applicable.

As an alternative to physically affixing the label on the packaging, the information can be made available through digital channels, for example: Transport Documents, Invoices or other documentation that accompanies the goods; these documents can link to digital channels for the provision of information.

Through this document, GOMMUS Soc. Coop p.a., which operates in the B2B sector, provides its customers with the information required for the environmental labelling of the packaging used for its products.

Packaging description

The following table specifies the codes for all the packaging materials used and indications for their disposal

Boxes – small boxes – cardboard dividers PAP 20 Material type  Paper collection
Pallets – wooden pallets FOR 50 wood Material type Waste recycling centre
Stretch film PE04 (made of polyethylene) Material type Plastic collection
Plastic bags HDPE 02 (high density cartene) Material type Plastic collection
Plastic bags LDPE 04 (soft polyethylene) Material type Plastic collection
Adhesive tape PP5 Material type Plastic collection